domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

Escrito na Pedra: 10 anos de Centro Histórico de Macau como Património Mundial

On the 15th of July 2005, the historic centre of Macau was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. At the time, the United Nations agency stated that "With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West".
Ten years later, how does this "unique testimony" renders a distinctive cultural identity? How does Macau, on an ever growing accelerated rate of integration with mainland China, holds in its essence "the coexistence of cultural sediments of eastern and western origin"? What does Macau's heritage mean to those who were born here and to those that visit us?
These are some of the questions I asked Pan Lei, who was born in Macau, and Elena Wong, a tourist from Shenzhen, in a short documentary that was broadcasted Wednesday, July 15, on TDM Canal Macau.
"Escrito na Pedra", in Chinese with Portuguese subtitles.

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